Sunday, July 4, 2010


Nothing terribly new, but I've updated ineptkey & ineptepub and unswindle.

For the INEPT tools I mostly just integrated and cleaned up the changes made by others. I did however (a) incorporate a version of the Mac OS X key-extraction logic into ineptkey; and (b) allow ineptepub to use OpenSSL instead of PyCrypto, removing the need to install PyCrypto on OS X. These two changes should greatly simplify ADEPT EPUB DRM removal under OS X. I elected not to integrate the "bulk decryptor" ineptepub changes -- my feeling is that anyone who needs bulk decryption can do it via the command-line.

For unswindle, I've just updated the tool to handle the most recently-released version of K4PC. If I missed a version or so in there, please try upgrading K4PC before complaining that it doesn't work. I am aware of skindle, but (a) one needs something like unswindle to run newer versions of K4PC under on Linux Wine anyway; and (b) I think the unswindle UI is nicer, as one can't identify a particular K4PC book just by filename.

Happy reading!

Update 2010-07-06 -- I had a bug in ineptepub which was causing segmentation faults on some versions of Mac OS X. It should be fixed for versions 5.2 and beyond.